The FranPoint Path


A great idea alone isn’t enough. One common error early-stage franchisors often make is moving prematurely to build out a franchise system before fully developing the concept itself. Not only must the concept and the branding compel acceptance in the marketplace, but potential unit revenue has to justify the combined build-out and operating costs for franchisees. The path is full of landmines. If the first prototype or two don’t show strong unit economics, expanding it through franchising to a hundred units will only make matters a hundred times worse. Retrofitting can be difficult—and some changes may be nearly impossible—once units have begun to proliferate.


A solid concept development phase builds a firm foundation for steady growth.


For early-stage franchisors with a good idea—or maybe just a raw prototype—it’s vitally important to work through a process that will give the idea a chance to thrive. It’s the starting point for The FranPoint Path, including:


  • Brand Development and Positioning (or fine tuning)

  • Prototype Refinement (value engineering)

  • Operating Cost Optimization

  • Menu Refinement


FranPoint Partners takes the burden off of operators, who may have no experience with creating a franchisable concept, by executing any or all of these projects, as well as coordinating the entire process.


Phase 1: Concept Optimization

A solid concept development phase builds a firm foundation for steady growth. When your company is ready to forge ahead with franchising, you will need both an achievable plan and the basic tools to implement it. FranPoint Partners helps you build the plans that will become the framework for your franchise system and provides the tools essential to successful execution, including:


  • Strategic and Franchise Plan Development (including realistic expansion goals; resources required; projected costs; projected annual fees and royalties; target market analysis; franchise program structure; target franchisee profile, capital required; funding recommendations)

  • Training and Operations Manuals

  • Legal Documentation (FDD development)

  • Development of Franchise and Consumer Marketing Plans and Materials (including web development)


FranPoint Partners provides the expertise and infrastructure to manage or execute any or all of these projects, as well as coordinate the entire process—both through the FranPoint staff and our network of trusted specialists.


Your plan reflects YOUR franchise uniquely.


More importantly, because—unlike most franchising consultants—FranPoint generates most of its income on implementation, it’s in our own best interest to develop a complete plan that fits your organization perfectly—at an affordable cost. FranPoint plans aren’t boilerplate; they’re fully customized, fully researched, fully realized maps to your company’s achievable future.

Phase 2: Plans & Tools

This is where all the carefully laid strategies and plans pay off. For a franchisor to thrive, he needs more than just sales help; he needs qualified franchisees, with great locations, and hassle-free openings. And that's what FranPoint Partners provides. We maintain the expertise and infrastructure on staff to take full (or partial) responsibility for:


  • Franchise Sales

  • Real Estate

  • Construction Support


When you succeed, we succeed.


FranPoint Partners provides our clients qualified franchisees, helps secure great locations, and propels franchisees over the hurdles of construction to get open-on time and on budget. Meanwhile, our clients can focus on their specialty: operations. It's a relationship that works. In fact, FranPoint is so confident in The FranPoint Path, our compensation comes mostly in the form of rewards for success.

Phase 3: Franchise Development